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20 x 2.5 g Sachets
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We pride ourselves on producing the finest kava powder available.


Kava Vanuatu’s 100% Organic Instant Kava Powder is processed to the highest quality standard and individually portion wrapped to ensure quality is preserved in every serve. Our proprietary processing method maximises bioavailability and conveniently negates the need for any straining. All our kava products undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure consistently superior quality kava.


We hope you enjoy our premium instant kava powder as much as we take pride in producing it for you!


Dried Noble Kava Root Powder (100%).


Add contents of one (1) sachet (2.5 g) into 200 mL of water and stir until dissolved.

Recommended consumption limit of two (2) sachets (2.5 g) per day. Can be taken at anytime.

Use in moderation. May cause drowsiness. Keep out of reach of children. Adult use only.

Do not use if sachet seal is broken. Store below 25 °C in a cool dry place.

Clean, Pure & Totally Unadulterated


How often can I consume an instant kava drink?

There is a recommended consumption limit of two kava sachets or 2.5g per day, which can be consumed at any point during the day. At Kava Vanuatu, our instant kava is organised into individual serving sizes which eliminates the need for straining when preparing your drink, allowing for a quick and easy process with distributed serving sizes. 

It is recommended to consume kava in moderation. There has been no link between health issues or concerns and the moderate consumption of a traditionally prepared kava drink.

Should I consume a kava drink straight after preparation?

Yes, it is recommended to consume your kava drink straight after preparation to avoid risk of spoilage. You may consume your instant kava drink at any point during the day.

No, it is not recommended that children consume kava as there is insufficient research and conclusions drawn about the safety of kava for children. Kava is suitable for adults only. 

Can children consume a kava drink?

What is the process for preparing an instant kava drink?

An instant kava drink is quick, simple and easy to prepare. One sachet of kava will need to be poured into 200 ml of water and stir until the kava powder is dissolved. One sachet is equal to one serving. Moderate consumption of kava is recommended, with 2 servings per day being suitable.    

Do you use kava root powder in your products?

At Kava Vanuatu, both of our products, instant use kava root powder sachets and ground kava root powder are made from 100% dried noble kava root powder.           

Buy kava Australia through our online shop and choose from a box instant use kava sachets or packet of ground kava root powder and make your kava drink to your liking!